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Hope Story Circle with Azim Khamisa - September 24, 2022

September 25, 2022
Azim Khamisa is living a spiritual journey following a tragedy of losing his son to gun violence; watch this NBC Nightly News Video to learn about it. His message about peace, purpose and leadership through forgiveness was heartfelt and powerful. The important news that he shares is that violent behavior is learned, and empathic and compassionate behavior is also learned. Through the Tariq Khamisa Foundation, begun in honor of his late son, he has touched hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom are young students, before they make decisions that may lead to violence. Tony, the man who was only 14 when he shot and killed Tariq, spent decades in prison and now volunteers for the Tariq Khamisa Foundation, speaking with Azim about the power of forgiveness. Check the calendar of Events at - join us at our next Hope Story Circle and share your emerging stories!

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