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Hope Story Circle with Anne Marie Shull - January 22, 2022

January 22, 2022

Anne Marie grew up in Southern California, in a life she describes as ordinary. Her first career was as a performer, singing and dancing in tours of Broadway musicals. She found an interest in how these shows were managed, how things moved from place to place, how much royalty the original designers and creators of the shows were paid when she performed from city to city. At one point, she began an apprenticeship in creative performing management, and then was referred to work as a tour manager for a couple of concerts of Burt Bacharach, the world-renowned, multiple Grammy and Academy award winning composer and performer. That grew into a decades-long position, and her role grew with the years to be multi-faceted with great responsibility. Providing the scaffolding for Burt Bacharach to be able to fulfill his artistic endeavors became Anne Marie’s role. The inquiry is to consider what past experiences provided the learning to move to the next step. We often don’t realize at any given point in time what might evolve in the next chapter of life, and how we are being provided opportunities that make those next chapters possible to realize. Check the calendar of Events at - join us at our next Hope Story Circle and share your emerging stories!

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