Peace On

Hope Story Circle with J Thompson - January 8, 2022

January 13, 2022

J Thompson begins 2022 as the Peace Alliance’s new Community Peacebuilding Council Lead, and we were delighted to have her start the year as our guest at the Hope Story Circle. She told a wonderful story about a trip that she took to Africa at age 16, with a group of other young people, and meeting with young people there. The story was about being in time, being present, and allowing spaciousness and peace to guide timeliness, also referring to time as being circular — "this too shall pass," yet it may come again. The invitation in conversation was about finding a time when people felt they were present in time, and how did that feel? How could that practice be intentional, and provide a sense of peace in the moment? Check the calendar of Events at - join us at our next Hope Story Circle and share your emerging stories!

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